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Courage � 1 & 2 Peter


Physical change often happens with or without our consent. Spiritual change takes courage and encouragement.


Sometimes people look at Christians as if we are from another planet. Maybe we are.

Jesus in 3D

Many times people have a cardboard cutout view of Jesus that falls flat. It�s time to see him in all of his glory.

God Fraud

Identity theft doesn�t just happen to people. It happens to God also.

enCOURAGEd to Stand

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is stand your ground.

The Good Life

Most people think the good life is having everything to want, when it�s actually wanting everything you have.

Growing Pains (ft. Steven Claunch)

When we look back on our lives, we will find that some of the parts that hurt the worst were for the best. This is one of my favorite teachings because I did a tag team with my son Steven.